Cost Optimization Services

Take advantage of the know-how of our licensing experts so that you can save costs in the long term.

Software costs are taking up an ever-larger share of IT budgets.

Companies around the world are looking for ways to reduce them. With SAMtoa Cost Optimization Services, we identify opportunities for you to get your software costs under control.

These Are the Results of Our Service:

  • You know which negotiation strategies are successful with which manufacturers.
  • You no longer pay for contracts that bring no benefit.
  • You use the products and contract forms that cover your requirements at minimum cost.


„My work experience with Mr. Stratenwerth was great, just like we had hoped. He was always there to support us and bring forward all his relevant knowledge for execution. With his help, we have developed unprecedented visibility into the use of targeted Software Licenses, and in a very short time. We were also able to make fact-based decisions on all license re-harvesting opportunities, for optimized usage, and at the same time we could balance out future demand. We were able to obtain a better control over future demand planning, and thanks to his help, we were able to ensure that our compliance reports were available in real time.

Mr. Stratenwerth has proven to be a highly dependable partner with extensive experience, well researched in subject matters and able to bring forward valuable inputs for us to make informed decisions“

Niraj Vadher
Enterprise Architect

How Do We Proceed?

Together with you, we analyze your software costs. Which manufacturers, which contracts are responsible for the largest part of the software costs?

In the next step, we look at the biggest cost drivers in detail. Which contracts exist, how is usage monitored, what does future demand look like?

At the end, we develop an optimization strategy. Quick wins can almost always be realized before other measures take effect in the medium term.

What Do We Need From You?

In the analysis phase, we need information about the software used and the associated costs. Product managers who can provide information about current and planned usage must be available for interviews.

For the important products, the contract documents must be available to us.

What Do You Get as a Result?

You will receive a detailed results document with the following content:

  • The analysis performed is described
  • The conclusions reached are justified
  • The recommended measures are differentiated into
  • Quick-Wins
  • Medium-term activities
  • Strategic measures

Reducing Costs!

Start reducing your software costs without risking your compliance.