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SAMtoa: achieve your license management goals efficiently with our methods.

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Are These Your Challenges?

Software Costs

Audit Risks

Not Enough

Lack of

How We Can Help You

Cost Optimization

The diet for your
software costs

Get software costs under control

Our specialists know all the possibilities to reduce license costs. Depending on the manufacturer, we work with you to find optimization options that that have long-term benefits – you will not pay more for your software than necessary.

Compliance Review

The health check
for your licenses

Face manufacturer audits with peace of mind

Our service ensures that you detect sublicensing in time – so you can take countermeasures before the manufacturer approaches you with additional claims.

SAM Managed-

The solution to your license
management resource problem

Tailored support for your license management

SAMtoa professionals will help you where you need them: Answer tricky licensing questions or take over routine tasks with high quality -relieving your internal team.

SAM Tool

Automation for
your SAM processes

SAM tools you can rely on

We find the right tool for you to automate your SAM processes. We take care of the timeliness and quality of the tool results, – so you can make the right decisions.

Customer Testimonial

“With the help of SAMtoa, EDEKA was able to save several million euros in SAP license costs. We were able to introduce a tool for SAP license management in just a few months and adapt it to EDEKA’s specific requirements. This would not have been possible without the experience and know-how of the SAMtoa experts.”

Timo Kluge
License Manager

Get To Know Where You Stand

SAM Maturity Assessment

Find the optimal ways to improve your SAM processes

Determining the maturity level in software asset management

Our SAM online questionnaire looks at all SAM processes and determines the maturity level. You receive a results document with assessments of all sub-areas and concrete suggestions for improvements – so you can find your roadmap for optimized SAM.

For the fixed price of € 2.500, -.

SaaS Management Maturity Assessment

Discover your strengths and weaknesses when managing software from the cloud

Finding priorities for cloud software management

Software-as-a-Service is a fast-growing category that is poorly captured by established SAM processes. Use our SaaS online questionnaire to determine which activities are necessary – so you can get a handle on the risks involved in SaaS deployment.

For the fixed price of € 2.500, -.

Customer Testimonial

The SAM Maturity Assessment, which we conducted in cooperation with SAMtoa, has greatly supported us in neutrally evaluating the existing software asset management. The comprehensive questionnaire took all relevant topics into account and pointed out the important issues in detail. Due to the assessment and the very good support by Mr. Löffler-von Strünk we achieved a result which supported us to set the right priorities for the SAM project. We will definitely repeat the analysis to determine our project progress and can definitely recommend this approach.”

Uwe Sieber
AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG
IT License Manager

Good Reasons to Choose SAMtoa:

SAMtoa does not deal in software and is vendor independent. This allows us to focus on customer benefits.

We are the specialists in license management. Therefore, we know your challenges and can find efficient solutions.

We work according to our “toa” concept: a methodical approach that guarantees the expected results at a fixed cost.

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Customer Testimonial:

“We are very pleased to have SAMtoa as a trustworthy contact and consultant at our side. They provided fast and competent processing in the project and supported Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel in an uncomplicated and efficient way in later challenges. Due to the cooperation, we were able to update “Flexera SPIDER” and thus further improve our contract, asset, and license management. For this reason, I can say that we have had only the best experiences with SAMtoa and am happy to recommend their service to others.”

„With Mr. Stratenwerth, MAN Truck & Bus SE had a reliable partner with deep SAP license management and tool know-how. The replacement of our in-house development for SAP license optimization was implemented together with him in time. The transfer of the know-how to us internally also worked very well, as expected. “


“Expertise, clarity, humanity – this is how I have come to know and appreciate the cooperation with Volker Löffler-von-Strünk and his colleagues from SAMtoa. Last year, we decided to let SAMtoa take care of our license management, and since then I can sleep more soundly again. It is a strategic decision to obtain this special know-how on the various software manufacturers from external consultants and not to build it up with internal colleagues – this allows our colleagues to concentrate on the essentials.”

“BGW already has a long-standing and trusting business relationship with direct contact to Ms. Springer. From the conception to the creation and implementation to constant adaptations to our needs, Ms. Springer was and is always a welcome contact person. Together with SAMtoa, we have overcome/will overcome the challenges and individual specifics of license and asset management for BGW. With SAMtoa’s help, we can ensure our compliance.”

My work experience with Mr. Stratenwerth was great, just like we had hoped. He was always there to support us and bring forward all his relevant knowledge for execution. With his help, we have developed unprecedented visibility into the use of targeted Software Licenses, and in a very short time. We were also able to make fact-based decisions on all license re-harvesting opportunities, for optimized usage, and at the same time we could balance out future demand. We were able to obtain a better control over future demand planning, and thanks to his help, we were able to ensure that our compliance reports were available in real time.

Mr. Stratenwerth has proven to be a highly dependable partner with extensive experience, well researched in subject matters and able to bring forward valuable inputs for us to make informed decisions.

„Compliance sicherstellen, Lizenzen effizienter einsetzen und die Zukunft planbar gestalten – Bei allen Themenfeldern hat uns Herr Stratenwerth kompetent unterstützt. Es war uns wichtig das eigene Know-How zu erhöhen, um nur noch bei Spezialfällen Hr. Stratenwerth konsultieren zu müssen.

Kompetent, engagiert & vorbereitet – Einfach nur zu empfehlen“

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