SAM Tool Service

Automate your license management with SAM tools you can rely on.

SAM tools automate license management activities. But not every tool fits every company. We find the right tool for you – SAMtoa Tool Selection.

You already have a tool in use, but you are unsure whether you can trust the results. SAMtoa’s tool experts know the weak points and how to eliminate them – SAMtoa Tool Check-up.

Continuous SAM tool monitoring and data maintenance is time-consuming and requires experienced staff. We can do this for you – SAMtoa Tool Operation.

This Is What You Get From Our SAM Tool Service:

  • SAMtoa Tool Selection: You can be sure to choose the SAM tool that best fits your needs. – Your investment in the SAM tool will pay off!

  • SAMtoa Tool Check-up: If your SAM tool indicates underlicensing, you can believe it. You can immediately take care of fixing it. On the other hand, do not be afraid of surprises during an audit, if your tool shows “All Green”, you are compliant. – You can draw the right conclusions from the evaluations of your SAM tool!

  • SAMtoa Tool Operation: Your SAM tool is always filled with correct and up-to-date data. Risks and savings potentials are monitored periodically, and optimizations are suggested – you use the results of the SAM tool and do not need to worry about the administration!

Customer testimonial

“We are very pleased to have SAMtoa as a trustworthy contact and consultant at our side. They provided a fast and competent execution in the project and supported Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel in an uncomplicated and efficient way in later challenges. Due to the cooperation, we were able to update “Flexera SPIDER” and thus further improve our contract, asset, and license management. For this reason, I can say that we have had only the best experiences with SAMtoa, and I am happy to recommend their service to others.”

Joachim Antona
Head of IT
Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel GmbH

How Do We Proceed?

SAMtoa Tool Selection:

We use our comprehensive catalog of requirements for a SAM tool to identify the criteria that are relevant to you. We then work with you to individually weight the criteria.

Based on these specifications, we select potential providers who can answer the catalog of requirements. The results are evaluated by us.

The tool vendors in question are invited to demonstrate the most important requirements using predefined case studies.

Together with you, we then make the final evaluation and accompany you in the subsequent contract negotiations. We ensure that all important clauses are included in the tool contract.

SAMtoa Tool Check-up:

Using our SAM tool checklist, we systematically analyze all points in your SAM tool where quality problems typically arise. The following dimensions are checked:

  • Interfaces to other systems
  • Contract and license data
  • Product catalog
  • License metrics

The weaknesses found are documented and options are identified for eliminating them.

SAMtoa Tool Operation:

In the onboarding phase, we get to know the configuration of your SAM tool and discuss the interfaces into your organization:

  • Which tasks remain your responsibility, what do we take over?
  • Who is the contact person for which topics?
  • Which information should be delivered to which recipients, how often?

Afterwards, the tool is operated remotely by us. We take care of all updates, monitor the interfaces, and ensure data quality.

Alternatively, we can also provide the SAM tool via one of our partners’ platforms. In this case, you no longer need your own installation.

The defined periodic reporting is created by us.

As soon as underlicensing is detected, the responsible parties are notified and options for its elimination are discussed.

Regular checks are made based on the tool information to determine whether cost savings are possible.

Depending on the agreement, periodic review meetings are held to continuously improve our service.

What Do We Need From You?

SAMtoa Tool Selection:

All stakeholders for the SAM tool in your company should participate in the requirements workshop so that we can create a complete picture of the criteria and their weighting.

From your side, a decision team must be defined to assess the results of our evaluation and participate in the system presentation.

SAMtoa Tool Check-up:

We need system access to your SAM tool and contacts who can provide us with information about interfaces, use of products, licenses, and contracts.

SAMtoa Tool Operation:

A responsible person must be appointed from your side to ensure that the agreed handover points in the process are adhered to. The deliverables must be completed at the planned points in time.

What Do You Get as a Result?

SAMtoa Tool Selection:

You receive an individual requirements catalog that supports you in the tool selection. For the selection process, results documents are created at each step, which present the evaluation in a comprehensible way. As a result, you have selected a SAM tool that will optimally support you in license management.

SAMtoa Tool Check-up:

The SAMtoa test report describes all test steps performed and their results. In addition, solutions are proposed for all problem areas found.

SAMtoa Tool Operation:

You can access an optimally configured SAM tool. The data is always up-to-date, and the evaluations provide correct results. All critical situations are identified promptly, and optimization options are found. The agreed reporting is available on time. Review meetings are logged and agreed measures are documented and tracked.

Reducing Costs!

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