SAM Managed Service

The solution to your license management resource problem.

Despite all the automation in IT, many license management activities are very labor-intensive. Since small mistakes can quickly cost a lot of money, it is important to employ well-trained personnel. Finding such personnel is not easy.

SAMtoa’s employees are constantly educating themselves and bring a wealth of experience with them.

Our SAM Managed Service takes over your license management tasks when you need it.

This Is How You Benefit From the Sam Managed Service:

  • You do not need to search for and train qualified SAM employees yourself
  • You get access to a large know-how pool with experts for all major software vendors
  • Routine tasks are solved very efficiently and with high quality through our proven processes

Customer testimonial 

“Expertise, clarity, humanity – this is how I have come to know and appreciate the cooperation with Volker Löffler-von-Strünk and his colleagues from SAMtoa. Last year, we decided to let SAMtoa take care of our license management, and since then I can sleep more soundly again. It is a strategic decision to obtain this special know-how on the various software manufacturers from external consultants and not to build it up with internal colleagues – this allows our colleagues to concentrate on the essentials.”

Till Schmengler
Leiter IT


How Do We Proceed?

Our SAM Managed Service is individually configured to meet your needs. The service description contains all details on the scope of the order:

  • Which tasks are taken over by SAMtoa?
  • How are the handover points to the internal organization defined?
  • Which result documents are to be created, how often

As a rule, tasks are assigned to our service team via a ticket system. The progress of the order can then also be continuously evaluated via the ticket system.

You will be assigned a dedicated service manager who will be your personal contact.

The defined processes are established in an onboarding phase. Once this has been completed, the service goes into regular operation.

A quality review takes place once a quarter and improvement measures are decided.

What Do We Need From You?

To ensure that the SAM Managed Service fits smoothly into your processes, the handover points are particularly important.

Responsible persons must be appointed from your side to hand over jobs to our team and receive results.

What Do You Get as a Result?

  • Routine SAM tasks are performed with great efficiency and high quality
  • You receive a reliable answer to every question in license management within a reasonable period
  • Your license management meets high expectations at low cost

Reducing Costs!

Start reducing your software costs without risking your compliance.

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