Software Compliance Review Service

Face software audits with confidence. Detect and eliminate license risks – Before the vendor does.

Complicated licensing regulations and a complex IT infrastructure make it difficult to always be properly licensed. Even small mistakes can have major financial consequences. SAMtoa’s Compliance Review Service not only checks that you have sufficient licenses for the software you use, but that you also use it in accordance with the contract.

Your Benefits From SAMtoa’s Software Compliance Review Service:

  • You know your risk and the financial impact of using software incorrectly.
  • You know how to minimize the risk and avoid additional costs.
  • You do not have to worry about unplanned costs because of a vendor audit.

Customer testimonial

“BGW already has a long-standing and trusting business relationship with direct contact to Ms. Springer. From the conception to the creation and implementation to constant adaptations to our needs, Ms. Springer was and is always a welcome contact person. Together with SAMtoa, we have overcome/will overcome the challenges and individual specifics of license and asset management for BGW. With SAMtoa’s help, we can ensure our compliance.”

Thomas Karnatz
Referent IT-Infrastruktur Architektur

Berufsgenossenschaft für Gesundheitsdienst und Wohlfahrtspflege (BGW)

How Do We Proceed?

In our kick-off workshop, we identify your priorities. Together with you, we determine for which manufacturers and which products a compliance analysis should be performed.

The foundation is laid by a contract analysis. This means that the acquired rights of use with all restrictions and special rights are known and documented in a way that can be evaluated.

The license agreements specify what we will determine in the subsequent usage analysis. Only those who know the licensing restrictions and metrics are aware of what data needs to be collected for usage evaluation

The comparison of contractual rights and determined usage results in the license balance.

The SAMtoa Compliance Review Service does not stop here. Based on the license balance, we recommend specific next steps:

Over licensing:

    • Can licenses be returned / exchanged?
    • Can maintenance contracts be reduced?


    • Can underlicensing be reduced through organizational and/or technical changes?
    • How can relicensing be done cost-effectively?

What Do We Need From You?

To get started, we need all relevant documents describing the scope and nature of the acquired software usage rights:

    • License agreements
    • Master agreements
    • Side letters
    • E-mails
    • Minutes of meetings

In our projects it was helpful to have employees who were involved in the license negotiations as contact persons.

Software usage is determined depending on the agreed metric. Typically, this requires information from technical systems:

    • On which hardware is the software used
    • By which users it is used
    • At which locations, the usage takes place
    • Which functions of a software are used

Here, too, it makes sense to have contacts who can provide information about the technical infrastructure or about specific usage metrics.

What Do You Get as a Result?

You will receive a results document that contains concrete recommendations for action that you can implement directly.

The results document has the following structure:

  • Defined scope of the compliance analysis
  • Scope of acquired usage rights, with highlighting of particularly important agreements
  • Scope of identified usage
  • License balance sheet, with assessment of license risk
  • Recommendations for action

Reducing Costs!

Start reducing your software costs without risking your compliance.

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